Design interior Cismigiu BISTRO


Interior Design, Branding



The restaurant is located at the 6th floor of the Cismigiu Hotel and has a capacity of 130 seats with an area of approximately 350 mp.

As you can learn from its name, the restaurant is a bistro and our main inspiration was the classic French bistro but also the building of the hotel which was a symbol for the Little Paris as Bucharest was formerly known during the interwar period.

From this classic French restaurant you can find the design of the floor, the wall anchorages or the lighting objects. The marble accents from the bar tops, the table tops and the mirrors are also specific to a bistro.

We wanted though to bring this bistro into our days, therefore we added some contemporary elements such as a special chromatic and the almost obsessive use of pink, this colour being the main characteristic and the differentiator for this project.

The restaurant is decorated with a series of paintings made by Andrei Macesanu especially for this project. The paintings are exhibited in original and they are inspired by the graphic style of that era but also by the French style and fashion.

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