Our residential interior design approach goes trough all that, not just furniture and lighting, to make sure we create a home fitted 100% to its family.

Today our services take a much more complex and wide approach, as we aim to be a 'one-stop-shop'. We are an interior design agency that can create and implement unique brands in physical forms!


Design usually addresses your visual sense, but the BODY has many gateways for information. We design the smell, sound, temperature, and think about how you perceive your surroundings in every corner of your home.

The MIND is influenced by the interior design space as the mix of senses can calm or alert our neocortex. We use smart home sensors, automation and integration with the digital world. We feed the mind’s need for control and our human need for connectivity, while creating a effortless home experience.

We rarely talk about the SOUL, our emotions, or how we feed them trough art, music, games or movies. How we channel energy in the home, which is our recharge spot, where we like to have our coffee or how sunlight brightens our face in that spot, how our psychological profile fits our preferred color scheme.

We use tools to influence
our MIND, BODY and SOUL.


  • Consulting

  • Interior Design

  • Architecture

  • Permitting

  • Build

Echipa Design Rezidential

Andreea Panait

Founder, Managing Partner, Architect

Experienced in interior residential projects, focused on personal development and how this impacts people’s lives. She believes that the interior world determines the exterior experiences. “The world is your oyster, you can achieve anything you want in life.”

Sebastian Mîndroiu

Founder, Managing Partner, Interior Architect

Schooled as an interior designer, Sebastian believes that the world moves if you do. "I am the engine of my world! " is his way of life.

Radu Călin

Founder, Managing Partner, Interior Architect

- was born aesthetic, he belives that it was just a matter of time till he discovered and fell into interior design. Strategical thinker by structure he is confident that "you can become who you think you are"!

ETAPE Design Rezidential

Turn your residential dreams into reality with our comprehensive design process.

It all begins with an initial consulting session where we define your project goals, set a realistic timeline and budget, and craft initial floor plans that lay the foundation for your future home.

As we progress, our concept development phase comes alive with mood boards, concept descriptions, and detailed furniture plans, all complemented by materials, textures, and lighting proposals. We ensure your vision takes shape with 3D renderings and specific recommendations.

Technical drawings and custom-made furniture plans provide the necessary groundwork, while our final delivery and implementation phase bring it all to life.

We oversee every detail, from regular site visits to value engineering, ensuring your dream home is meticulously executed.

At Picktwo Studio, your dream home is more than a concept; it's a story we're dedicated to bringing to life.

Etapele proiectului

  • Initial consulting

  • Concept development

  • Final design

  • Technical Drawings

  • Final delivery and implementation

Intrebari frecvente

  • What types of residential properties do you work with?

  • What type of clients for residential clients do you work with?

  • What are the first steps we have to follow in a collaboration with your company?

  • What are the phases of the whole process?

  • If necessary, can we prioritize differently the phases in which the project will be developed? (due to execution site matters)

  • Can we work together if I don't know the value I am willing to invest in the future interior designed property?

  • Do we have to choose a specific style for the interior design before meeting you?

  • How long will each phase take?

  • How many meetings will we have?

  • How long will the design and building collaboration take?

  • How long can the building phase take?

  • Are we going to see showrooms and suppliers together?

  • What are my responsibilities as a client during the collaboration process?

  • Will you provide us with real suppliers for finishes and objects to implement the concept?

  • Can we suggest suppliers we want to work with?

  • How do we know the concept you provide is within the investment limits we want to keep?

  • What do regular site visits refer to?

  • Can you help me with extended consultancy if needed?

  • Can you recommend execution companies you work with for the build phase?

  • Can you work with developer's execution team if that's the case?

  • How will they know what they have to do?

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