Two by TrickShot

The space is split in two by the central island which serves as a bar for the restaurant but also as a reception desk for the gaming area.
A dominant aspect of the restaurant area is the kitchen which is fully plated with handmade turquoise. The whole area breathes transparency and openness and all interior elements are made of stainless steel in order to emphasize the industrial aspect. The flooring from this area is made of a traffic LVT with a stone aspect.
The bowling area has two spectacular metallic ceilings, one is made from painted MDF hexagons and one is made of black metallic blades. In the billiards and bowling area we used a Milliken carpet with a watercolour design which does not have 2 identical elements.
The lighting elements were ordered from England and Spain and the furniture for the most part is custom made in Romania. The most challenging and difficult piece to produce was the bar which was fully produced from Corian with a 39 ml length.

Two by TrickShot is a project we finished in 2017.