GRID is a sports equipment shop, first one out of a national network of brick and mortar shops.

The concept for this shop was born from the jointing of the analog and digital, phenomenon we experience every day. GRID is the link element, a matrix which can be interpreted as analog but also as digital.

The analog interpretation was attributed to the design of the display shelfs through form stringency and the designs style. From a lateral view, the shelfs are a series of modular matrix which can be customised depending on the rooms morphology.

The tones and materials are simple but of premium quality. The main colors are white and grey, chosen in order to put an emphasis on the products.

In design we use high tech materials that are new to the market, an example would be LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) or ceramics with a natural stone aspect.

GRID speaks to a young public, who lives in a digital world and it is a fresh and cool brand that promises to bring the coolest and latest products from the coolest sport brands.