December 6, 2019 by Radu Călin

Life in the GRID

The retail scene has changed a lot in the past years.

One could argue the online shopping cart left an important mark on traditional retailers around the world. Traditional brands need to adapt, as customers move from large scale super-brands to niche or single-product brands. Just take a look at Off-White’s story or the way Supreme gain popularity by selling bricks.

Multi-brand offline stores are looking more into design and respond to the ever expanding consumer tastes, always on a hunt for something exciting, unseen.

We weren’t aware of all this in 2017, when we started working on a new sports multi-brand concept, but we did want to add more to the offline customer experience. So we looked at the digital world we are all living in, and extracted it’s core: the GRID, the matrix, the zeros and ones computers think in.

GRID was born from joining the analog and digital ways we live our lives.

GRID is the link element, a modular matrix which can be interpreted as analog but also as digital. The main idea started from the 0 and 1 binary matrix, the matrix that became the physical GRID of the products we present. Thus we outlined the furniture based on a square that reminds us of the digital GRID.

The analog interpretation was attributed to the design of the display shelves through form stringency and the designs style. From a lateral view, the shelves are a series of modular matrix which can be customized depending on the rooms morphology.

The overall store vibe epitomizes a strong, spacious layout with metal cubes that are bound together to create the ‘binary matrix’

Made from coated steel, each shelf features white LED lighting strips to highlight the products on display. The tones and materials are simple but of premium quality. The main colors are white and grey, chosen in order to put an emphasis on the products, as they are uploaded into the „cloud”. In design we use high tech materials that are new to the market, an example would be HI-MACS and Gerfloor LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) or ceramics tiles with a natural stone aspect.

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