August 21, 2019 by Sebastian Mîndroiu

I shot the Classic

Each generation has a main theme, a curricula designed to give authenticity and uniqueness to a large demographic. Mostly based on denying their parents modus operandi, the Millennials bring confidence and tolerance to the table, but also a sense of entitlement and narcissism. As one of the main economic groups on the market today, it feels wise to embrace and satisfy their needs.

We aimed at the heart of Millennials with a pink arrow called Bistro Cismigiu.

The design assignment was simple: take one landmark building from early 20th Century Bucharest, Hotel Cismigiu, and update its 6th floor restaurant. Make it interesting for locals, not just for tourists. Target Millennials, bring them (and their Instagram-friendly cameras) here.

Drum-rolls, please. Enter the Classic.

In interior design a classic style uses a pre-condition existing in the society: we already liked this, but we got bored of it. So we decided to play it safe.

When designing Bistro Cismigiu, we took advantage of all the details of the Classic: the multiple layered wall design, the plinth, the frames, the corniches and girths, the wallpaper and mirrors, and of course, golden chandeliers and black and white flooring. Chairs were supposed to be comfortable and velvet is the fabric of royalty. Marble slabs used as table tops and Baccarat crystal champagne glasses on top.

It all fitted very well with the story of “Le petit Paris” with the heritage of downtown Bucharest and its architectural masterpieces.

“My parents would like it here very much!” was written of the bullet that shot Creativity.

But we wanted to dodge the bullet viciously shot by Millennials, so we added one bold feature: pink. And we went all in, with the largest order of pink ever placed in Romania, as a representative of Benjamin Moore Paints would later describe it. Pink walls, pink ceiling, pink velvet, pink piano, pink flowers, pink partition walls, pink shirts for the staff, pink plates, pink desserts and drinks.

In the first 3 months since the opening of the restaurant most of the Instagram influencers, trendsetters, bloggers, vloggers, models and fashion icons checked in. Their followers came shortly after, and their photos and reviews brought in even more people. In July 2019, almost 1 year after its opening, Bistro Cismigiu became the #1 ranking restaurant among 2000 others in Bucharest, winning multiple hospitality awards in-between.

One could say we shot the Classic, but we did not shoot Creativity!

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