January 10, 2020 by Sebastian Mîndroiu

A FIT CLUB that speaks to you

When we think about fitness we think about balance and well-being, but also about pushing our limits.

Balance and motivation were the key words we used when designing 700 FIT CLUB, a gym which now has two clubs in Bucharest.

The first club is located in a new, innovative building and it occupies two floors, the ground and underground levels.

At at first glance, one could say this place is ugly. Or extremelyvisually challenging.

But 700 Fit Club is a place where design pushes motivation.

The concept revolves around the roughness of the building’s concrete elements and the energy of the color yellow used to brighten the interior.  In the main gym area the design is based on this powerful contrast: rough dark concrete versus bright, spotless yellow.

All floors are specific for each training area. 

Special finishes conceived for sports: aerobic elastic floor or oak looking floor for the relaxing vibe in the yoga rooms.

The private areas are more intimate and cozy.

The concrete stairs and railing lead the way to much comfy places: the Pilates area, sauna and the massage corner. These areas were arranged to give a sense of warmth by using warm lighting, PVC tiles with wood aspect, natural tone colors and vegetation accents.

In the lockers and shower areas we played with texture contrasts between plane surfaces and rough concrete surfaces.

In the bathrooms we picked concrete look ceramic tiles from Porcelanosa, to match the structural elements of the building. Yellow color accents were added for the glass cabin doors.

We maximized the visual impact on the users, while keeping a careful approach on the way they interact with each area. We hoped that the „brutality” of the interior contrast push them to reach new personal limits.

So, how does your gym speak to you?

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