We believe design can change how you feel

PickTwo is an interior design studio that creates custom solutions for hospitality, office and retail spaces. Our mission is to find a different concept and mood, unique for each project. We like to work with brands, to tell their story, and to inspire end users to become part of world we create.

The concept behind Picktwo Studio is the Project Management Triangle, a universal concept which states that all projects require a "two out of three" solution. Always given the "Fast, Good and Cheap" options, you need to ... PickTwo.


"WE" is the most powerful word in the world. 
These are the interior design wizards of Picktwo Studio.


Iuliana sees interior design as a cross-disciplinary process between the functional needs, natural materials & new technologies, creating the scenography where individuals explore the space. It’s like telling a story and contouring the brand’s persona.


An architect by heart, Diana found her inner vibe in the interior design world. She uses her experience of studying architecture abroad to maximize the impact of her human centered approach to design.


- was born aesthetic, he belives that it was just a matter of time till he discovered and fell into interior design. Strategical thinker by structure he is confident that "you can become who you think you are"!


Alexandra started her education in visual arts during childhood and discovered that being an architect would let her apply the aesthetic knowledge and skills in the real world. Always trying to achieve the best result, her motto is "Go big or go home!".


Schooled as an interior designer, Sebastian believes that the world moves if you do. "I am the engine of my world! " is his way of life.