About PickTwo

PickTwo is an interior design studio that creates custom solutions for hospitality, office and retail spaces.

Our mission is to find a different concept and mood, unique for each project. We like to work with brands, to tell their story, and to inspire end users to become part of world we create!


We've started in 2013 as a design studio with services niched in the hospitality business. As the years went by we began taking projects for offices, hotels and retail spaces. In this process we honored requests for business concepts, architecture, graphic design and consultancy.

Today our services take a much more complex and wide approach, as we aim to be a 'one-stop-shop'. We are an interior design agency that can create and implement unique brands in physical forms!

You're in good company


  • Research and Insight

  • Branding

  • Interior Design & Architecture

Our team

Iuliana Dincă

Team Leader, Interior Architect

Iuliana sees interior design as a cross-disciplinary process between the functional needs, natural materials & new technologies, creating the scenography where individuals explore the space. It’s like telling a story and contouring the brand’s persona.

Diana Dachin

Managing Partner, Architect

An architect by heart, Diana found her inner vibe in the interior design world. She uses her experience of studying architecture abroad to maximize the impact of her human centered approach to design.

Radu Călin

Founder, Managing Partner, Interior Architect

- was born aesthetic, he belives that it was just a matter of time till he discovered and fell into interior design. Strategical thinker by structure he is confident that "you can become who you think you are"!

Alexandra Tornea

Interior Architect

Alexandra started her education in visual arts during childhood and discovered that being an architect would let her apply the aesthetic knowledge and skills in the real world. Always trying to achieve the best result, her motto is "Go big or go home!".

Sebastian Mîndroiu

Founder, Managing Partner, Interior Architect

Schooled as an interior designer, Sebastian believes that the world moves if you do. "I am the engine of my world! " is his way of life.

Andreea Vrînceanu

Team Leader, Interior Architect

Andreea is passionate by the aesthetics and function of architecture. And as an interior designer and true believer in 'less is more', she manages to shine the light on what is most valuable in a space.

Andreea Ciocârlan

Interior Architect

As one who creates by heart, Andreea regards interior design as a field of endless inspiration, full of challenges and - as a project becomes reality - rewarding. She believes that (almost) anything is possible, if only you put your mind to it.

Andreea Guriță

Team Leader, Interior Architect

With a passion for form and composition, Andreea chose to project it into interior design field; By doing what she loves most with like-minded people, she believes that a well-designed space can improve one's life.

Teodora Brîncuș

Interior Architect

For Teodora good design can be described as playful, bold and simple at the same time. Her style is a combination between new and old inspired by everyday life and surroundings. She believes that the design process should be exciting, fun and an opportunity of learning new things.

Andra Călin


She grew up with the tendency to expose her ideas through drawing and found the same method of expression by studying architecture. A problem solver spirit, Andra found it very fulfilling when what was on paper turned into a connection between people and a space.

Adrian Gaiță

Interior Architect

From my point of view, architecture places human actions in space, thus the role of an architect is to outline and define a space - an action, to create the most appropriate space for that action and reverse for a certain space to find the most suitable action that can take place in that space.

Mădălina Onea

Interior Architect

Inspired by minimalism, Madalina is a young architect who thinks that design is a continuous learning process. She believes that greatness is found in the small details and any space can become aesthetically pleasing if the emphasis is on the rear meaning of shapes and volumes.

Hanna Szonda

Interior Architect

Finds transforming thoughts into spaces the quintessence of interior design. Appreciates simplicity and timeless aesthetics most, with a responsible approach towards nature and resources. Neglects trends believing that “today’s trends are tomorrow’s trash”.

Olesea Lungu

Team Leader, Interior Architect

Coming from the fine arts background, Olesea has the skill for seeing the big picture and how the pieces fit together. Whatever she's working on, she focuses on making creative ideas become attainable solutions.

Andra Țiganilă

Interior Designer

Driven by passion, Andra believes that the world is as beautiful as you make it (literally).

Olivia Socol

Office manager, Interior Architect

I am an empathetic person who believes that architecture, design and creativity are tools without which a world cannot transcend. I flirted with graphics and interior design and consider that art speaks where words are unable to explain. And as Edgar Degas put it, "art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

Irina Herascu


Irina's strong conviction is that in order to be happy, you need to surround yourself with appealing spaces, both visually and functionality wise, that put a smile on your face and make your life overall easier. Being an interior architect enables her to make a change for the better in people's lives. "Architecture is really about well-being."

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